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5 Games Like Movie Star Planet You Must Play

MovieStarPlanet is the most trending game online, as the game is based on stardom, many people find it a platform to experience their dream life’s virtually. The unlimited quest to attain makes this make more addictive. You can easily download the game on android or IOS devices and you can also play it on your computer as well. This game is so popular among kids and teenagers because of its numerous fancy options. Moreover, this game is the most fun loving and doesn’t put the negative impact on kids. This game is very simple so anyone can easily play and pass their free time. If you have nothing to do and you are getting then this is the best way to use that time.

In this article we are going to give you a list of different virtual games which are alternatives to MovieStarPlanet. These games have loads of customization options with shopping, chatting, designing custom clothes and other creative elements in the game-play. All of the games listed below have the feature of interacting with other gamer socially and enjoy all the fun together from all over the world.

The list of 5 Games Like Movie Star Planet

Stardom: The A-ListStardom: The A-List: It is a game of customizing your looks with latest fashion accessories. It’s one of the most popular celebrity simulator game available on the web. Self-admiration and nervousness may not work in the real world, but in this game, it’s all that counts. If you love Hollywood, clubs, parties, restaurants and hanging out with friends then this game is for you.Small Worlds

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Small Worlds: Small worlds is also an online virtual life adventure game through which you can enter into a cool virtual world. This game is all about your looks and making new friends. Small Worlds has been designed especially for teens and adults. Start the game by collecting thousands of items and show off them with your friends. You can also create paintings, decorating and crafting excellent items.Zwinky

Zwinky: This game is only suitable for girls as it’s all about fashion. You can choose any hairstyles, pick any random outfits and shoes from the catalog. In simple you can just create a unique fashion style by picking up the desired items.

Social Girl: It is also a fashion simulation game. The game is all about experiencing a social life with new friends, going out for shopping, hanging out with guys and girls. Creating your dream personality and searching your dream boyfriend according to your tastes, choose clothing and hairstyles from a variety of designs to impress people around you are the main parts of this game.City Girl Life

City Girl Life: As the name suggests, City Girl Life is a game about creating a life of your dreams in New York City. It is also a social simulation and fashion style game. Create your glamours city lifestyle by dressing up elegantly life a pretty young chick.