MovieStarPlanet Security Concerns

MovieStar Planet Security and Concerns

Although MovieStarPlanet has been designed for the kids, you really cannot undermine the security concerns. The company promises to be very secure for children but as a parent, you need to be wary of certain things. Here we will highlight some of the points that you should take into consideration while you allow your child to play this game.

The first thing that you should know is that the MSP asks the email id of your child, the game claims to send rewards and other freebies etc. it also asks for email ids of their friends.

You must know that this is a play-and-chat game wherein you can interact with people from across the globe who are playing this game. The chat room allows you to chat with people who are present there. As a parent, you should whom your children are befriending with.

It has been reported that the game has some people named LoverGirl, DstrictGirl etc. All you needed to do was to log in and create a character and you can access the chat room which shows the lack of safety features of this game. You don’t know who is sitting on the other side.

MovieStarPlanet is a debatable game on two of the most popular parenting website Mumsnet and Netmums, the popular point of discussion in both these forums is security issues and freedom to connect with people around who are complete strangers.

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