Star Coins and Diamonds For Free on MSP

How To Get Star Coins and Diamonds For Free on MSP

StarCoins are just like a real currency for MovieStarPlanet, the more you play the game the more you can explore. You can make several purchases of garments and other props to make your movie better. The easiest way to earn these coins is by making a purchase in premium membership but if you do not want to invest anything then I will share few tips for you which will always come very handy.currency for MovieStarPlanet

  1. Don’t Forget to Login at Least Once a Day: if you regularly open the game, you can easily win some coins just by logging in and spinning the wheel. After the spinning is over your star coin will start bouncing out and that time you have to click on them to secure it. If you need to spin the coin more than once in a day, then you will surely require more diamonds.msp diamonds
  2. Complete Different Quest Games: This method allows you to play different games, accomplish the task and earn money. You will be asked to select your favorite activity and after that, you can choose any quest and know how many StarCoins you will accomplish playing it. After you have completed the quest, simply click on the claim button and all the money will go directly into your account.
  3. Watch Short Movies: You can easily earn coin within no time by simply watching the movies which are for mostly for a minute or so. You have to watch the complete lip and give your reviews after which you can directly claim your reward but you can only earn once from one video no matter you watch it a thousand times.
  4. Pamper Few Pets: If you happen to discover any pet, make sure to click on them to earn StarCoins but the number of coins will vary according to the level of pet. You can even click on pet’s option to find out about the most valued pets and easily visit their profile to gain more coins. Isn’t fun to pamper those cute ones? this is the easiest way to earn more coins.
  5. Create a Second Account: This trick is not advisable but if you are not getting enough coins by following aforementioned tips then only try it. Secondly, if you are unable to gain many coins then it is advisable to create another account so that you can rate your previous account and earn some coins in that account. To get started simply create a random account and send a request to your original account. Now you can surely get yourself a few extra coins.Star Coins and Diamonds For Free on MSP
  6. Use Silver Wheel: Whenever you start the game you will be able to see two wheels i.e “Silver Wheel” and “Gold Wheel”, free members will get to spin the silver wheel and get bonus coins. You can avail this option once a day. Please note that spinning the gold wheel is available only for VIP members which will earn even more StarCoins. If you are serious about the StarCoins then VIP membership is must for you as you can spin the gold wheel twice a day. Now Collect all the StarCoins you have earned once it stops spinning. You can also use diamonds if you decide to spin again. But diamonds are more valuable than StarCoins.

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