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Easiest Way to Get Lots of Friends on MovieStarPlanet

Who does not want to be famous? This game helps you to gain online popularity and meet new people. When you will start playing the game you might not get that interested but once you create a wider circle of friends things will surely turn in your favor and you will like the game more. Many people come with the questions like how to make friends? Or things like that. The answer is right in front of you and you have to follow it.

Few Steps which will increase your friend circle in MovieStarPlanet:

  1. Send Invites: The easiest way is by at least sending a request to the people you already know. This is how you can get a good start to your gaming experience. Imagine if each friend of your encourages further people to join the game you can easily extend your friend’s circle. If you have good number of friends on social media sites like facebook, instagram and twitter then you can ask them to become friends on MSP. In this way you can make your circle broad and there is a good amount of chance that you will get requests from your mutual friends.
  2. Sign in more frequently: When you play this game more often and gain a lot of fame it become easier for you to make more friends and get even involved with the people you don’t even know. The more you get popular the more you will come to notice of people.
  3. Search: You can even search randomly for people and send them a request, in this way you can easily make new friends. In a similar way when people send you a request you can accept their requests.
  4. Unlock higher levels: Once you are a part of the game, you can make more and more friends easily as you get promoted to the higher level. So be quick, complete your task and meet new people.

Apart from the above tips, if you are designing your custom clothes, and selling the same in the market then you might get tons of friend requests without any hassle. So if you want to increase your friends circle in MSP then you need to increase your fame by doing the activities suggested by the game.


Designing & Selling Your Clothes on MSP

As we already know MSP (MovieStarPlanet) is a social media game for kids and teenagers in which they can do a lot of fun activities and make new friends. The Glamorous features of the game are the major reason why people are attracted towards it. From designing your personalized clothes and selling them till making new friends from all around the world, this game surely comes with a lot of exciting packages . You can create a customized look for your character and make purchases to make your character more popular.

Designing garments is another special feature of this game: you can easily purchase tops, skirts or any other garment by using 50 StarCoins. After you have purchased it, you can easily put stickers or change colors and design it to give it the style you want to create. There are a lot of options through which you can browse to create the perfect outfit. The best part is that the fun does not end there because you can either wear your garment in your movie or simply give it for sale.

Simple Steps To Sell Your Outfit:

1. : The major part of the whole process is creating a catchy and interesting outfit so that people even consider about making a purchase. You can explore among a vast number of designs and colors.

2.Bring it out for sale: To put your outfit for sale yon can simply click on “My Bazar” and out your garment on sale thereby giving it a price which can vary from 2-star dollars to 600-star dollars. One the outfit is out, it will stay in the market for four days and if it is still not purchased by anyone, it will simply return back to your wardrobe.

3.Receive Messages at the time of sale: When your garment is sold out you would directly receive a message regarding the sale and if you want to check the money details you can directly check the transaction history.

If you are purchasing any item from the StarBazaar then you cannot sell it for 48 hours after you have made the purchase. Apart from that, you can enjoy selling and buying garments but remember if you are a non-premium member you can sell only 5 outfits in 24 hours. So in this way you can easily sell your custom design outfits in MovieStarPlanet.

Star Coins and Diamonds For Free on MSP

How To Get Star Coins and Diamonds For Free on MSP

StarCoins are just like a real currency for MovieStarPlanet, the more you play the game the more you can explore. You can make several purchases of garments and other props to make your movie better. The easiest way to earn these coins is by making a purchase in premium membership but if you do not want to invest anything then I will share few tips for you which will always come very handy.currency for MovieStarPlanet

  1. Don’t Forget to Login at Least Once a Day: if you regularly open the game, you can easily win some coins just by logging in and spinning the wheel. After the spinning is over your star coin will start bouncing out and that time you have to click on them to secure it. If you need to spin the coin more than once in a day, then you will surely require more diamonds.msp diamonds
  2. Complete Different Quest Games: This method allows you to play different games, accomplish the task and earn money. You will be asked to select your favorite activity and after that, you can choose any quest and know how many StarCoins you will accomplish playing it. After you have completed the quest, simply click on the claim button and all the money will go directly into your account.
  3. Watch Short Movies: You can easily earn coin within no time by simply watching the movies which are for mostly for a minute or so. You have to watch the complete lip and give your reviews after which you can directly claim your reward but you can only earn once from one video no matter you watch it a thousand times.
  4. Pamper Few Pets: If you happen to discover any pet, make sure to click on them to earn StarCoins but the number of coins will vary according to the level of pet. You can even click on pet’s option to find out about the most valued pets and easily visit their profile to gain more coins. Isn’t fun to pamper those cute ones? this is the easiest way to earn more coins.
  5. Create a Second Account: This trick is not advisable but if you are not getting enough coins by following aforementioned tips then only try it. Secondly, if you are unable to gain many coins then it is advisable to create another account so that you can rate your previous account and earn some coins in that account. To get started simply create a random account and send a request to your original account. Now you can surely get yourself a few extra coins.Star Coins and Diamonds For Free on MSP
  6. Use Silver Wheel: Whenever you start the game you will be able to see two wheels i.e “Silver Wheel” and “Gold Wheel”, free members will get to spin the silver wheel and get bonus coins. You can avail this option once a day. Please note that spinning the gold wheel is available only for VIP members which will earn even more StarCoins. If you are serious about the StarCoins then VIP membership is must for you as you can spin the gold wheel twice a day. Now Collect all the StarCoins you have earned once it stops spinning. You can also use diamonds if you decide to spin again. But diamonds are more valuable than StarCoins.

If you are already a part of the game or are planning to join it, I will advise you to forward this article to your friends so that you can create a bigger circle of friends.