MovieStarPlanet Game Rules and How-To Play

As the game says, “Be who you want to be” the MovieStarPlanet gives you the complete freedom to give wings to your creative side and create the look of movie characters. You have the freedom to designs, do hairstyle, make a movie and interact with people in the chat room. This is an interactive game wherein the children also get a chance to connect with other people who are playing this game.

you can find more about MSP game rules here.

The game is simple to play, once you have downloaded the app, you will be directed to the main screen which is the login screen. Here you will be asked to submit your email id. The first page is quite interesting especially for the children you will notice a guy and a blond girl.

Once you log-in you will get an access to a number of movie charters whom you can dress and make movies. You can also view the movies created by other people. The more the number of people watching your movie, the more is the probability of winning fame points and star points, these two are the currency which works in the world of MSP. With the help of this currency, you can purchase more costumes, animations, backdrops and other props to create a more entertaining and engaging movie.  It would not be wrong to say the games keeps you glued to the screen for long.