Tips to Parents Whose Kids Play MSP

The Role of Parents

Whether its MovieStarPlanet or any other online gaming, if it is accessing your personal information and is exposing your children to the outside world where there are many estranged people around, it’s important to have parental guidance and supervision.

The life here at MovieStarPlanet never gets boring, with so much fun while creating new characters and movies, you definitely cannot detach your child away from this game but what you can really do is to supervise and keep a check what you child is accessing while playing this game. Parental guidance and mentoring always works and goes well with MovieStarPlanet too. You can participate with your child, help them be more creative while they make movies or design the movie characters, this way you can play along with your child without being too snooty.


The virtual world of gaming is very enticing and the games like MovieStarPlanet are surely a great engager for the kids. The world of MovieStarPlanet is surely a great fun and a great way to make your kids be more creative social. With an exposure and freedom to interact with people around, it helps them make choice and be more imaginative. The live chat room of the MSP is surely a great way to introduce interaction skills and the game has been designed in a way which motivates kids to stress more on their creative edge. The more they are creative, they come up wit great ideas and make movies which help them gain more viewership and also to go a level up.

However, the game is an open online forum where you can come across people of different type and hence you need to be wary about certain facts like what are your children watching and with whom they are interacting.

Make sure that you supervise your children while they are involved in the game. The best way to do it is to participate in the game with children, ask them what kind of movie they created, contribute from your end etc. this is a great way to interact with children without divulging the fact that you are keeping a check on them. Remember such sites are prone to attract strangers and adults and thus, it’s important as a parent that you take care while your child in engrossed in the virtual world of MovieStarPlanet.

With a little care and active participation, you can surely make the gaming experience of your children hurdle free and let them enjoy the game the way they want to.